Governor's Innovation Fellowship

Fostering the next generation of great leaders in Connecticut

The Governor's Innovation Fellowship is an initiative created to offer ambitious, high-achieving recent graduates the opportunity to work at top, innovative companies in Stamford, developing their career while working together as a community of fellows, growing together professionally and personally to create a cohort of talent, camaraderie, and growth in our state.

By being selected as a fellowship candidate, and after starting a job at a Connecticut Company, those who are subsequently named Fellows, will receive a $5,000 signing bonus from CTNext. Connecticut companies participating as Fellowship Partners will have access to some of the highest caliber students in the country – graduates who have demonstrated professional and academic excellence in Business, Economics, STEM and STEM-adjacent specialties.

Expanding Statewide in 2022!!!

After a successful pilot program in Stamford in 2020/2021, CTNext will be expanding the Governor's Innovation Fellowship statewide in 2022. Look for an application to go live on the GIF website in late-2021.

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John Greifzu