CTNext Proof of Concept Fund

Supporting entrepreneurs at the early stage to improve their chances of bringing their ideas to market

What it is: A competitive, application-based, opportunity for investment from Connecticut Innovations to facilitate development in Early Stage companies

Who is Eligible: Technology-based companies based in Connecticut, with 50% of their headcount in-state, which are at the proof-of-concept stage of development. Companies at the early stage looking to accelerate growth, test innovations, build minimum viable products and run customer pilots. Companies currently developing a technology that is unique and difficult to copy due to patents, design or go-to-market strategy. Preference will be given to information technology, advanced manufacturing, engineering and bioscience/biotech companies.

Where to Apply: The program website is HERE and the application can be found HERE


How Much Money is Available: Up to $100,000 per company is available via a Convertible Note with Connecticut Innovations