Request for Proposal

Our Second RFP Period is Now OPEN

See Details Below: 

Submissions are being considered on a rolling basis. Completed applications should be emailed to Future deadlines will be forthcoming. 

Update 1/1/2021: CTNext has circulated a "project selection guideline" document laying out more guidance on what they want to see in project submissions. That document is HERE

RFP #1: Grow the Data Science Hub and Entrepreneurial Community in Stamford

  • Host or fund networking and programming targeted at causing collisions among Entrepreneurs in Stamford

  • Create initiatives that feed or support incubators in Stamford

  • Recruit companies to participate in Incubators

  • Develop collaboration between local industry leaders related to Data Science

RFP #2: Re-Enfranchise Minority Entrepreneurs in Stamford

  • Build initiatives, support, and community driven solutions specifically for those who have been left behind in the Stamford ecosystem

  • Collaborate with organizations specifically focused on empowering communities of color

  • Incubate and Accelerate minority-owned startups wherever possible

Required Documentation for each Submission:

  1. Project Summary – A description of the project, its objectives, and its main activity components in approximately 200-300 words (2-3 paragraphs). This description should address how your project specifically targets the goals of the RFPs published above and how you see it contributing to advancing their goals.

  2. Project Questionnaire - Complete a series of questions which provide the details and positioning of your project.

  3. Three Unique Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – Please suggest at least three well-defined, quantifiable, and measurable metrics that are reflective of the projects’ core objectives and will serve well as barometers of progress toward those objectives. Each approved project will require quarterly reporting of these three KPIs.​

  4. Project Budget – A separate budget for each proposed project, fully filled out in the new-style SOW budget template (see attached example). Be sure to include, broken out by quarter for the duration of the project: proposed CTNext grant amounts, proposed Cash Match, and combined grant/match project expenses. Please ensure that project expenses are broken down into several rows of reasonably robust detail.

  5. Proposed Milestones – Please suggest, at a minimum, one unique draft milestone for each quarter a given project would remain in operation.

  6. Letters of Cash Match Commitment – Please include a letter(s) of commitment from proposed project partners documenting commitment to provide Cash Match equal to or greater than the proposed amount of project grant funding from CTNext. Please see the attached Cash Match guidelines to ensure all Cash Match Commitments meet CTNext requirements.

  7. Letters of Good Standing  – Letters of good standing (three total letters) from the Connecticut Department of Labor, the Department of Revenue Services, and the Secretary of State. These letters do take time to come in, especially of late. Please request them as early as possible so that they can be on file. 

  8. Resumes – Please submit a copy of a resume from each project partner’s CEO, project manager, or similar project lead demonstrating professional and/or academic qualifications commensurate with the project work to be undertaken.

Example & supporting documentation for each of these projects is attached below. They will be used to create a Scope of Work for any approved project which will fit the example format provided.