UConn Data Science Initiative

Growing the Next Generation of Data Science Startups in Stamford

StamfordNext wants to make Stamford a national center for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

We are funding a 3-Part Initiative in partnership with UConn as a foundation for this hub:

1) UConn's Technology Incubation Program (TIP) - Helping Data Science startups grow, succeed and ultimately transform the Data Science and Artificial Intelligence markets. TIP offers:

  • Startups mentorship from experienced Entrepreneurs-in-Residence

  • Lab and office space

  • Educational/networking events

  • Founder and Startup focused programming

  • Access to UConn's top research facilities

  • Resources for pitch development

  • Funding seminars

  • Angel investor forums

2) The Stamford Startup Studio - An immersive Co-op program at UConn this two-semester entrepreneurial working co-op experience for undergraduates to work together to create technologies & products utilizing Data Science:

  • Runs from Fall 2021 through Spring 2022 

  • 8 of UConn’s most talented and motivated students will comprise the initial cohort

  • Throughout the Co-op, students will gain competencies in the entrepreneurial mindset, project management, design, and engineering.

3) Data Science Research - Putting 5 top industry-focused data science researchers across 4 schools/colleges at UConn in the same space as leading data science startups, and in a region of the country with some of the highest densities data analytics companies to collaborate and support one another. 


StamfordNext has committed to fund this program until it is self-sustaining through at least 2022 and is excited to grow the exploding Data Science industry cluster in Stamford. 

Visit StamfordDataScience.com for more information