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Can you take Stamford to the next level?

StamfordNext is a non-profit collaborative whose goal is to fund projects, initiatives and events that make Stamford, Connecticut a premier destination for individuals, groups and companies doing extraordinary things. Our first request for proposal is open from 1/6/20-2/14/20.

StamfordNext provides matching funds (from $5K to multi-millions) for qualifying projects, initiatives and events that:

  • Showcase Stamford's commitment to social progress

  • Increase collaborative activities in the city

  • Create entertainment experiences for various demographics

  • Highlight Stamford's commitment to entrepreneurship & innovation

  • Amplify the city's unique assets, such as access to waterfront and density of digital media companies and professionals

Examples include...

  • Cross-corporate mentoring programs for Stamford schools

  • Re-purposing existing infrastructure to create large-scale year-round farms

  • Programs that increases the quality & quantity of live music options in Stamford

  • A differentiated technology accelerator 

  • Carbon capture/reduction technology or initiatives


Can YOUR idea take Stamford to the next level?